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For the foreseeable future we are running Misadventure Adventure for free. We still have subscriptions available as an option if you want to support us that way but we’re more interested in developing and nurturing an active community.

That being said, even this short amount of time in, we’ve spent a lot of time working on this production and if you would like to donate (or as I call it ‘Spook Us With Money’), even a small amount, it would help us a lot.

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We’re not into advertising and sponsorships, etc. So without occasional donations we don’t really make money on any of our products but we can’t stop creating just because of that, right?

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The fun of Misadventure Adventure is being there to see the wild story and character developments AND be a part of the decision making. If you’re not up to date the story is sure to feel like the insane ramblings of a bad author (rather than the insane ramblings of us as collective authors).

Posting Schedule

From March 11th, 2022 we plan to release a chapter every fortnight on a Friday. On the off weeks we will be setting up questions and opinion polls to gauge what will happen next.

The turn around time will have to be quite quick, e.g post on Friday - readers read by Monday when new options come out for choosing which then have to be finalized by Friday giving us one week to write, illustrate and animate the next periodical element in just a week before starting the process again.

Build the world

Not only will you vote for and suggest changes to the story proper but also through community voting be able to adjust the rules and lore of the fantasy world on a weekly basis. Building out the compendium document our character can refer to.

Have fun

We can’t promise a coherent experience, a satisfying story or any level of verisimilitude but we can promise weird, weekly fun.

Three Pronged Widget

Misadventure Adventure is a Three Pronged Widget publication a company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Please be aware that offensive and intolerant language and suggestions will not be tolerated. This is a fun and inclusive game/story and we want anyone to feel like they can join in with the fun.

Also the whole model of this storytelling experiment requires using your ideas to inspire what happens next because of that we claim free ownership over your ideas for use within this newsletter and its surrounding platforms.